• About us

          ALMAMET is a leading supplier of reagents for Hot Metal desulfurization, Grignard Reactions and pyrotechnics. Its corporate know-how stems from thirty years of international practice, and forms the basis of a successful cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.

          ALMAMET mainly uses Magnesium with a minimum purity of 99,9 %, producing a variety of high quality Magnesium products. On demand, ALMAMET also delivers products made from high purity Magnesium or Magnesium alloys.

          ALMAMET supplies blends on the basis of Calcium Carbide and Lime.

          In order to ensure that the products are handled and applied safely, ALMAMET offers comprehensive consulting, including safety training.

          In close cooperation with costumers, ALMAMET obtains results in all domains.

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      • Concept

        ALMAMET develops high end products and technologies for the chemical, pyrotechnical and iron and steel industry, promoting continuous quality improvements.

        The term “quality” plays an important role at ALMAMET.

        ALMAMETs pursuit of quality is not only aimed at the final product, but also at production, development and customization. The same high quality standards apply to the whole network in which ALMAMET operates. Partners and suppliers are competent, innovative and reliable.

        The term “service” is equally as important as “quality” to ALMAMET.

        ALMAMET works closely with all customers. Owing to ALMAMETs commitment to competence in all its fields, it occupies a position of trustworthiness.

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