• 15th International symposium for desulfurization of hot metal and steel

      The XV. International symposium was held September 12-14, 2018 in Lulea, Sweden. More than 100 participants from different countries and many experts participated with lectures. The symposium takes place every two years.

      Download of proceedings at this Website: Info –> Proceedings:

    • New employee in the team of ALMAMET GmbH

      We are happy to announce that Dr. Stephan Steinacker has recently joined our company.
      Mr. Steinacker provides excellent knowledge in metallurgical matters, which is based on his doctoral degree from Montanuniversitaet Leoben as well as many years in research and development activities. Furthermore, his management certificate from the University of St. Gallen and the graduation from Delta Akademie allow Mr. Steinacker to consider economic components in his decisions.
      Mr. Steinacker will assist Mr. Rhomberg in management tasks within the Almamet group and will demonstrate his expertise in accordance with our distinct service quality.
      You can contact Mr. Steinacker any time on his phone (+49 162 274 75 19) or via e-mail steinacker (at) almamet.com

      On behalf of Almamet GmbH
      Jakob Strickner

    • ALMAMET sponsor LYMM High School

      ALMAMET is pleased to support LYMM High School at their Sports Tour 2018 in South Africa.
      ALMAMET is wishing them fun and success.

      LYMM High Fleyer Sports Tour 2018
      Lymm High

    • 30th anniversary of ALMAMET GmbH

      Several members of staff, including the managing director, Alexander Rhomberg, have been with ALMAMET from the very beginning and stand for the success and continuity of our company. This special occasion was duly celebrated at the company headquarters in Ainring.

    • ALMAMET promotes baby food deliveries to Syria

      We are pleased that the supply of baby food we organized arrived safely in Atma, Syria. Further deliveries are planned and we hope to find many helping hands to relieve the distress of the Syrian population.

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